• Alexa McCarthy

Fall This HEAT??

I love this time of the season. Sales are on, and as people sift through their prospective wardrobes, I wait in breathless anticipation of that day in the wind when next season's fashions will begin to make their arrivals.

If you don't know this about fashion retail, our seasons are much different from everyone else's. Just the other day, I did some buying for the store, for spring. 2019. What? "How can you even wrap your head around that?" some people ask me. I just do. Trust me, the hard part is not shopping three seasons ahead, it's WAITING FOR IT ALL TO COME IN!!!!! It's the perk of the job and the downfall. I know what's going to be in vogue months from now, but I have to sit and wait patiently (or not so patiently in my case) for those beautiful deliverymen and their packages. I have to sit there with the visions of all those wonderful clothes waiting to to be made to fill our orders. Often there's a specific piece (or twelve) that dances around in my head for the entire time between order and shipment, a piece that I'm desperate to slip on a hanger and induct into my closet, introduce it to all of its closetmates, promise it love and delicate washing...right, those aren't things I'm supposed to tell people. Back to the inside-out way seasons come in this industry. Fall knocks timidly at the end of July, barging through the door in August; spring pokes its head out of the snowbank in January and starts building sandcastles in by Valentine's Day. It's all very confusing.

This is just a picture of fall to help wrap your head around things.

And now, while the sun strives to get us to our melting points, I can feel you're dying to know what's in store for this fall. It's all you can think about as the sweat drips down your back, your forehead, pooling in that little groove under your nose. (Yes, I know it's called a philtrum, but it's not a very lovely sounding word, let's be honest.) Giant cowl necks and winter coats plague your dreams like sugarplums at Christmastime. I know. I get it. I'm the same way.

So let me put you out of your misery. I think fall trends can be summed up in one beautiful word — chenille.




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