• Alexa McCarthy

A Funny Thing Happened...

I wanted to share a funny thing that happened in the store. We consider ourselves pretty savvy when it comes to fashion, we try to keep in the know. But sometimes, things elude us.

We got a shirt in, a stunning white number from the company Yest. Now, I don't remember everything I order, it's impossible. I wish I remembered everything, it would be very useful, but I just don't. So I didn't remember ordering this shirt. And while the colour and material were lovely, and it was a unique shirt, it seemed a bit odd that we would order it. It's not our usual. Its unique quality lies in its...sleeves. Or what I guess you could call its sleeves. They don't really attach, except at the shoulder, and otherwise they float ethereally over your arms, like a a gossamer cape. Sort of.

Unique with its gossamer cape.

People picked up this shirt and noted its distinction. "Interesting," they hemmed. But more often than not, back to the rack it went. And so on and so forth. When it came time to get our summer sale on its feet, the shirt took its place among the other candidates. Still, it was too...interesting for most.

I walked into the store the other day and immediately noticed something about the shirt. Kathy was working and I mentioned it to her. She laughed, I laughed. We shook our heads and admired our foolishness. In fact, the shirt was quite beautiful and while unique, not quite as unique as we thought. Earlier in the day, Kathy had been staring at the shirt, thinking to herself, "If I owned it I would sew these wing-like sleeves to the back or maybe flip them forwa... OOOOOOHHHHHH!" We'd been hanging it wrong the whole time.

Whoops! Much better.




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