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Believe it or not, Woods Clothing originally started out as a sports card shop in Stouffville called Triple Play. The original owner and my father, Glenn Woods, dealt in cards, comics, sports paraphernalia and gear, before finally finding his niche in men's and women's fashions. He was fortunate to have more than a little help from my mother, who tailed along on shopping trips to offer her wisdom and advice, and was always on the lookout for new brands and spent countless hours building rapport with customers.  


After almost thirty years in the retail clothing industry, Mum and Dad passed on the business to me, Alexa McCarthy. With their guidance, I've strived to keep the original flavour of the store, while incorporating some of my own style. I know that we have some loyal customers — my goal is to keep you happy and, at the same time, draw in some new people! Our store carries a wide variety of clothing, accessories and miscellany — from undergarments and outerwear, golf attire to cozy bamboo leggings, and of course, the everydaywear of the female or male fashionista and...fashionisto? 

I never expected to love my job as much as I do. It's not what I dreamt of as a child, and it's not what I studied at school, but I've recently realized that I LOVE coming to work. That bell you hear when you walk in the store is my happy trigger. I love exchanging ideas about fashion, helping someone find something that will get a good workout in their wardrobe or just having a chat with people while they browse. My aim in this business is to help you find what you're looking for in the way that suits you.  




Whenever we, as a business, can, we try to support other local shops and organizations. In the past, we've been fortunate to support organizations like WindReach Farm, the Bethesda Women's Institute, Precious Minds, and the Springtide Music Festival. And in January 2018, we dubbed the month "Shop Local Month" encouraging other Uxbridge businesses to join our window display dedicated to all of them.



The Team

Alexa McCarthy

I recently took over this business from my father, and I love it. I'm so happy to be one of those people who loves their job.

As proprietor, I have to dip my hands into all the cookie jars. But primarily, with Kathy's help, I oversee all the buying for the store, update our social pages and website, coordinate any events we put on and collaborate with Steph on all design aspects of the store.

Kathy Bridgeman

We've lost track of how many years Kathy has been with us. Almost since we moved onto Brock St. anyway. And she's been invaluable ever since. 

Kathy is acting manager when I'm not around, and she helps me with the majority of the buying, which is good because I need her to keep me in check when I get into a spending frenzy. She also keeps an eye out for any reorders that need to be made and is in charge of all embroidery orders that come in.

Alice Beatty

While Alice doesn't hold the title of longest-term employee, she is certainly as invaluable as Kathy.  Many of our customers have their preferred 'personal shopper' and Alice is in no short supply of people who want her and only her to heap them with clothes they HAVE to try on. Alice's forte lies in not giving you a choice. You're going to put something on, it's going to look great, and it's going in your closet. Done deal. 

She also keeps our business running smoothly by taking on the bookkeeping duties. 

Steph Law

Steph recently joined the team as our Lead Artist, a title I invented while writing this. Why does a clothing store need a Lead Artist? Steph is an extremely talented jeweller, painter and craftician.  She helps design and put into focus our window displays, holds jewellery workshops and helps with visual merchandising. Having a keen eye in a clothing business is key not just for buying, but also to keep the store looking fresh and inviting. Her jewellery is also available for sale  exclusively in the store under the brand Steph Law Creates.


Need our invaluable assistance? 

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Visit us: 70 Brock St. West Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1P4


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